Thatching Organisations

Thatching is an unregulated trade and as such has no overall governing body.  Many trades have organisations associated with them.  Thatching is no exception.  Here is some information on those thatching organisations which may be helpful.

Thatching Organisations - Wherwell rethatch

Thatching organisations – Master Thatchers

It is currently estimated that there are around 800 “Master Thatchers” in the UK, some sources previously indicated around 900 which we believe now (September 2019) to be a little high.  Approximately one fifth (to one quarter maybe) of this 800 are members of a Master Thatchers organisation and the rest are independent.  Based on our experience, there are now more independent thatchers than there were 20 years ago.

All active organisations are paid membership, often peer assessed and have similar but varying strengths, aims and objectives.  They have tended to evolve depending on the officers in charge.  Some thatchers find benefit in being members of more than one.

As a trade, despite the existence of organisations, thatching is sadly somewhat fragmented.  It is felt that this may be, in part, due to the demise of the centralised, government funded apprenticeships, internet advertising opportunities and the independent nature of thatchers.

Thanks to those who have contributed with information so far.

Master Thatcher organisations include

Thatching related organisations include

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