Cost of thatching a roof

How do we give you information on the cost of thatching? Do your research on your thatch, what needs to be done, then research your thatchers look at previous work from years ago if possible and speak to clients. Always get quotes from more than one thatcher and make sure you are comparing the same work within those quotes, especially including scaffolding, materials to be used thickness of thatch, works to be done, clearing up and insurance cover.

The thatching cost usually is based on the area of roof to be thatched. Thatchers work on “square” 10 feet by 10 (100 square feet). The average roof is around 6 – 12 square although some properties are 4 square and some 80 square. The cost also depends on factors such as:-

  • Shape of the roof
  • Design of the roof
  • Ridge type and style
  • Whether wiring is required
  • What type of flashings are to be used (lead is more expensive)
  • If stripped to timbers whether new battens are required
  • Coat thickness to be applied

If stripped to timbers, thatchers may not know of work to be done on the roof structure until the thatch is removed, so this can also be an additional cost.

Always get your thatching quotations in writing so it is clear what you are being offered and also so that the thatcher is not asked to do extra work which is not quoted for.   As with all things, the most expensive quote may not be the best thatcher and similarly a cheap quote not the worst, but again you do get what you pay for.