Electrical Fire Safety Considerations for Thatch

Some fire problems are due to electrics, so here are some things we recommend:

  • Inspect your system regularly to ensure its integrity, many insurers now insist on this.  Find Electrical Engineers on The Thatch Directory.
  • All wiring connections to a property, including aerial leads and supply cables must be spaced a minimum of 30 cm away from the thatch and any wire netting.
  • TV aerials should be fitted to a free standing pole or gable end so that they are not attractive to lightening strikes.
  • Overhead supply feeds must have ceramic type insulators replaced. Your electricity supplier should do this free of charge.
  • All electrical wiring in the roof space should be in metal conduits and fitted by a qualified electrician. Plastic can be chewed by rodents.
  • Avoid vermin damage to electrics by placing poison or traps in the loft space.
  • Light fittings in the roof space should be enclosed in a bulkhead – do not use recessed ceiling lights (down-lighters) on the upper floor due to overheating potential.
  • Outside security lights, e.g. halogen lights create a lot of heat so must not be fitted near to the thatch or underneath overhangs.