Life Expectancy of Thatched Roofs

The life expectancy of your thatch will vary according to:

  • The Material used.
  • The quality of the material used.
  • The pitch of the roof.
  • The skill of the thatcher.
  • The geographical location of your property – i.e. humidity, winds, rain. High humidity will shorten the life of your thatched roof.
  • The proximity of trees.
  • Pollutants and other environmental considerations.
  • Damage from vermin/birds.
  • Damage to the roof from other trades people not familiar with thatch.
  • The breathability of the roof.

Water Reed25 – 40+ years.
Combed Wheat Reed 25 – 35 years.
Longstraw 15 – 25 years.
Ridge10 – 15 years.