Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association

We are pleased that the Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association have provided us with some information on their organisation.

About Reed and Sedge Cutting

Reed and sedge cutting has had a long history in the Broads. Not only does this ensure a supply of some of the best quality thatching products but regular cutting maintains the Broads open landscape. Without cutting the wildlife rich reed and sedge beds would be lost to invasive scrub. Commercial reed and sedge cutting remains the only true sustainable method of managing the Broads wetland habitats. It is also a very low carbon management method when compared to alternatives.

About the Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association 

The Broads Reed & Sedge Cutters Association (Brasca) was formed in 2003 to bring together self employed Cutters working in the Broads. Problems with poor site access, water flow, harvesting time restrictions are some of the issues Brasca deals with.

Thanks to recent funding from the Prince’s Countryside Fund, Brasca has produced a training and instruction booklet which sets out agreed harvesting methods and best practices. The booklet includes a summary of thatching requirements for reed endorsed by The National Society of Master Thatchers Ltd and the East Anglian Master Thatchers Association