Thatch Thursdays | November 2016

Thatching Tools

Longstraw Rake

This is a wooden handle with metal spikes used to comb down and straighten the Longstraw into place.



Interesting Thatch

Bus Shelter

There are some fascinating thatch buildings around the country, here’s a thatched bus shelter.

Thatching Materials


Not just Straw and Water Reed are used as thatching materials.

Often, in the past, the base coat was made of other materials, including prickly gorse!

Gorse is used for thatching

Gorse used for thatching

Unmanaged Water Reed bed

Unmanaged Water Reed bed

Thatching Terms

Reed Bed

Water Reed grows in watery areas eg rivers and lakes.

Reed beds for thatching materials occur naturally but must be cut regularly to produce good material for thatching.

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