Thatch Thursdays | May 2016

Thatch Design

Tar Cord

This cord is string like and treated with tar for longevity.

It is an older style fixing for tying the base layers of thatch to the rafters/battens.



Thatch Design

Swan Neck

A term used to describe the ridge line between two different heights of ridge.

Thatching Tool

Set Pin

As its name suggests, this metal pin is used to hold the set (bundles in a row) on the roof, while the fixings are being attached.

Thatch Thursday Set Pin

TT - Crooks (2)

Thatch Fixings


Nothing to do with cops and robbers!.  A crook is a metal pin hammered into the rafters as a fixing for thatch.

Older style fixing – superceded by stainless steel screws and wires nowadays.

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