Thatch Thursdays | June 2016

Thatch Tools

Needle and Gutter

These tools are used to stitch tar cord or stainless steel stitching wire around battens.

Different stitching tools are used throughout the world.  Pictured is one of the European ones.

TT - Needle & Gutter

TT - St Fagans

Interesting Thatch

St Fagans Museum Wales

Lots of lovely thatch to see from over 40 original buildings moved and erected from parts of Wales.

Here you can see how people lived, worked and spent their leisure time over centuries.

Thatch Tools


These large scissor tools are used a lot in thatching for clipping bundles and cutting ridge patterns and eaves.

TT - Shears

TT - Thomas Hardys Cottage

Interesting Thatch

Thomas Hardy’s Cottage

Small cob and thatch building is the birthplace of English Author Thomas Hardy.

Now a National Trust Property it is a popular tourist attraction.

Thatching Tools


The wooden mallet is like a large gentle hammer used to bang spar fixings to the roof and ridge.

On a block ridge it can be used to dress up the edge as well.



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