Thatch Thursdays | July 2016

Interesting Thatch

Marie Stopes Cottage

Founded by birth control pioneer Dr Marie Stopes in 1930, the Portland Museum houses two cottages.

They date back to 1640 and are rare survivals on the island.



Thatch Tools

Wire Twister

As it’s name suggests, this little hand tool is used to twist together the seams of wire netting covering a ridge or whole thatched roof.

The one in our picture is made from an old crook.


Thatch Terms

Bundle of Straw

A bundle of thatching straw e.g Combed Wheat Reed, is usually between 12 and 14 lbs. It is approximately 3 feet tall and an armful.

Thatch Abroad


Thatched Parasols or umbrellas are often seen on beaches and around swimming pools to shade people from the sun.


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