Thatch Thursdays | April 2016

Thatch Design

Vertical Thatch

Thatch is a very versatile building material.

Not only can it be used for roofing, but it can also be used for vertical walls.

Thatch Construction


In a Wiltshire garden is this lovely thatched Dovecote.

Another unusual construction which is thatched.

Interesting Thatch

Hobbiton Movie Set

Re-thatched last year by one of our Associates, the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand has many thatched buildings of strange construction.

All due to the Hobbits!



Interesting Thatch

The Globe Theatre

The first purpose-built playhouse in London in 1576.

It has been reconstructed three times since then: once with a tiled roof, and most recently in 1977 with thatch again.

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