Thatch Advice Centre Competitions – you can win chocolate for sending us your lovely thatch pictures

Competition Winner Category 4Everyone is proud of their thatch, or a picture they have taken of their thatch, promote it with us!

We have decided to run a thatch picture competition (international) with various categories:-

1.  Cute cottage (s) – Click here to see winner
2.  New thatched building – Click here to see winner
3.  Listed Thatch – Click here to see Winner
4.   Pub, Hotel,  B&B or business Click here to see Winner
5.  Thatching in progress  Click here to see Winner
6.   Interesting and unusual thatch –  Entries close 3rd September 2018

The winner of each category will get a fabulous bespoke prize.

To enter you will need to supply your own photograph(s) of the thatch along with the category and any details you want to provide, where it is etc. and you can enter as many pictures as you like.   Don’t forget to include it along with your name, full address and postcode.  Email entries to .

In entering this competition, you agree for any picture supplied to be used by the Thatch Advice Centre.  Any pictures selected will be credited to yourself, so for example thatchers, builders or architects may well get the benefit that their work appearing on the websites, newsletters or social media.

Deadline for category 5 entries is Monday 3rd September 2018 at noon

Entries for other categories can be received at any time and their cut off dates will be in future newsletters, and social media.

Good luck and happy snapping.

Winner of our Cute Cottage picture competition Mr Green

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