Thatch and Gardens Gallery

Garden at Thatch HQ 2020 Budlea and Hydrangeas

Thatch and Gardens Gallery to enjoy

Our latest picture competition is receiving so many great entries, thank you everyone.  We decided  a Thatch and Gardens Gallery was in order.  So here it is for you all to enjoy.  Displayed in random order to make it more interesting – click for larger images.

2020 Lockdown meant many people were at home, in their gardens or going for local walks past thatched cottages with lovely gardens.  Many people with thatched cottages have nurtured their gardens for years, some with flowers, some with vegetables.  Lots of people also buying thatched properties so maybe developing new garden ideas.  So many great and varied pictures of thatch and gardens out there so this page definitely made sense.

Such pictures have a feel good factor and so we are really happy to have received so many great entries and look forward to promoting the winner when  it closes on 1st September 2021.

Good luck to all entrants and thank you for enabling us to spread the love of thatch and gardens via your wonderful pictures in this great gallery.

We will still add pictures to this gallery after that date for everyones enjoyment, so keep them coming!

Just send us the picture with the name you want credited and we will add to this lovely page.

More information on how to enter this fun picture competition (winner gets a £20 gift voucher) Ends 1st September 2021



Thatch Advice Centre Thatch and Gardens Picture Competition - S Cromer 4

Congratulations to our winner – S Comber – and thanks to our Judge – Jim Richardson of New Forest and Waterside Photography.  Not an easy job after so many wonderful entries.


Even though the competition is finished we are very happy to receive more of your lovely pictures to add to our gallery.