Update for Thatch Fire Research

Exciting times, the NFU Mutual, Historic England and RISC Authority are bringing everyone an update into the recent research undertaken at FPA’s fire test laboratory looking into prevalent thatch fire causation.

We are pleased to have been asked by Historic England to help promote this Free of Charge Workshop which is being held at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, on the 17th of October 2016.

The large number of queries which we get on this topic goes to further prove that this research will be welcomed from all those involved with thatched properties.  Thatched property homeowners,  thatchers, chimney sweeps, insurers, architects, surveyors, Fire Services and others.

Please read the flyer with information on how to book on this free event – the workshop is open to everyone. We hope to see you there.

Rest assured, if you cannot attend we will be promoting the findings via our website, blog, SM and Newsletter.

Marvellous to all be working together to promote the important information which will further help in the fight against thatch fires.

The Burgones Report, which we find confirms what we believe, promotes ejected embers as the main cause of thatch fires.  If these findings further endorse these beliefs which we share with many, then building design, chimney installations and regulations can be adjusted to accommodate these up to date findings so that the risks can be reduced further.

thumbnail-for-research-updateClick flyer above for details on how to book your place.

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