Tithe Barn Trust -Sponsor a Sheaf

The Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn has sheets on the thatch and is urgently awaiting repairs.  Read on for more on the Tithe Barn Trust Sponsor a Sheaf Campaign and how you could help this lovely GII Listed Thatched Barn.

The Tithe Barn Trust believes the Landbeach Tithe barn, near Cambridge, with thatched roof, brick threshing floor and timber granary, to be unique to Cambridgeshire and even of national significance. It is one of the few Tithe Barns in the country still standing next to its medieval rectory. Over 90% of Tithe Barns have been converted in the UK and their historic features are being lost forever. Sadly, the Landbeach Tithe Barn is in a poor condition and deteriorating.

Tithe Barn Trust

The Tithe Barn Trust

The Tithe Barn Trust, a small charity and volunteer not-for profit group, officially launched their ‘Sponsor a Sheaf’ campaign last weekend.  The Thatch Advice Centre is happy to be able to promote this amongst our growing ‘thatch’ community.

The Tithe Barn Trust aims to save and sympathetically restore the Grade II Listed Tithe Barn for community use, but they need everyones help.  They estimate to need 5 tonnes of locally sourced hand drawn Longstraw to rethatch the roof.

You can sponsor a sheaf for as little as £5 at https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/TitheBarnTrust .  Their target is to raise an additional £75,000 towards rethatching and strengthening the timber frame.

Sponsor a Sheaf Campaign

Gemma O’Shea, Chair of Tithe Barn Trust Trustees, says “The Landbeach Tithe Barn is in urgent need of a new thatch and the roof structure and frame needs attention too. We felt the Heritage Open Days weekend was a fitting date to launch our Sponsor a Sheaf campaign. The Barn has been standing since medieval times and we can’t allow ourselves to be the generation that loses it forever. Please help save the barn by sponsoring a sheaf for the roof.”

Sponsor a sheaf for as little as £5 at https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/TitheBarnTrust

Tithe Barn future

Key to the Tithe Barn Trust’s charitable object is maximising public access to the Tithe Barn, once restored, and education. They want to ensure that the Tithe Barn has a vibrant and sustainable future.

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