The Thatch Advice Centre has many friends and associates who help people with thatch and the Country Gentleman’s Association (CGA) is one of them.   CGA Protect, along with other insurers on our Thatch Directory, offer specialist insurance cover for thatched properties.

2024 update – Sadly CGA no longer doing thatch insurance.

Still plenty of specialist thatch insurers on our Thatch Directory.

CGA Magazine Issue 127/2

CGA Magazine

We were delighted to be asked to write an article for their latest Magazine, Winter Issue 127/2.  Not only that, they requested an article about us and what we do.  We were thrilled with the Title and opening they gave us

 “The Thatch Advice Centre – in Association with CGA Protect.
The Thatch Advice Centre shares their vision to satisfy all things thatch, setting the bar high for thatch safety”

The big picture in the article was provided by us but we can’t take credit for the other two images.

Thatch Advice Centre picture for CGA Magazine article

Article about the Thatch Advice Centre

Our article, in their magazine, covered some background information on our beginnings and why we felt there was a need for a free on line resource on “All thing thatch”.  It explains:-

  • Our evolution
  • How we progressed with the Newsletter
  • The need for our new Thatch Directory
  • How we developed great relationships with others involved with thatch.

It was gratifying to be able to list our achievements and highlight how far we have come in the last 15 years.

Finally, as the prime relationship with the CGA revolves around thatch insurance, it was inevitable that we would be reminding their readership about thatch fire safety.  Don’t forget that, although reducing the risk of thatch fire in those unique properties is important, our aim is to help with peace of mind so you can enjoy your thatched homes as thousands of people have done before you.

Thank you to the CGA

So, in conclusion, thanks to the CGA for joining us on our Thatch Directory and to their Magazine for giving us the opportunity to help more people with thatched properties.  What a great, glossy and interesting magazine. The CGA Magazine covers such a wide range of topics, a very enjoyable read for their members.

CGA Insurance on the Thatch Directory

For anyone who is looking at thatch insurance, here is the link to our CGA Protect  Associates contact details.

We do enjoy working together for the good of thatch.

CGA Magazine Article on Thatch Advice Centre Page 1

CGA Magazine Article on Thatch Advice Centre Page 2

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