Thatch Thursdays | June 2015


Animal, bird and insects can be pests in thatch.

Amazingly after all our recent discussion, we found the start of a wasp nest under the eave at home.

Click here for more information about wasps.



Dormer Window

A dormer window increases the amount of headroom in the rooms of a property and allows for more usable interior space.

They can be quite large and often are protruding from the roof.

It is important to maintain good pitch of the roof when designing roofs with dormers.


For this Thursday we decided that we would show you a different sort of Thatch Design.

A hunter trial jump!! This jump is used as a part of a cross country course.

Is there no end to Thatch versatility?



Hip End

The end of a roof which ends as a triangle of thatch is known as a hip end.

A half hip is where the end of the building has only a small triangle of thatch.

Hips are part of the design of the roof and add character and style as well as protection to the end of the building.

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