Thatch Thursday’s | January 2016

New Year Resolutions

Some ideas – we had to help:

  • Check the roof incase maintenance is required
  • Get at least 3 quotes for any work
  • Book my chimney sweep
  • Make sure I am not under insured
  • Tell my friends about the free Thatch Advice Centre Newsletter



Thatch Construction – Timber Framed

Many of our listed buildings are built with a timber frame but did you know that many new houses are being constructed this way too?

Wattle and daub, bricks or flints are some of the materials used between the timbers.

Thatch Construction – Cob Walls

Cob walls are made of subsoil, water and fibrous material e.g straw.

The walls are thick, naturally well insulated and must be allowed to breathe.



Thatch Construction – Brick and Flint

Many thatched buildings in the South of England are constructed with brick and flint, the latter being a readily available material.

More sustainable building!

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