Thatch Thursdays | December 2018

Our Thatch Thursdays December 2018.  Here are this months selection of lovely Thatch Thursdays, Our Thatch Question and Answers , Associates – Ace Electrical & A festive 5th day of Christmas following on from our 12 Thatch days of Christmas we’ve done throughout the festive period.

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Thatch Thursday December 2018

Ask an Expert


What is a Gadd?

An Expert Says


A Gadd is a length of Hazel suitable for splitting eg. into Spars

Thatch Thursday December 2018

Thatch Thursday December 2018

Twelve Thatch Pictures for Christmas

#ThatchThursday #Thatchofthemonth

Thatch Advice Centre has done the 12 Thatch pictures for Christmas and here is this weeks. On the 5th day of Christmas… #GableEnd

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