Thatch Thursdays | December 2016

Thatch Maintenance

Look at your thatched roof frequently, keep an eye on changes and keep it well maintained to avoid problems.

Various Factors affect the length of time before it requires attention, from material, application, aspect etc.

See our website for more information on looking after thatch.

Thatch Design – Dormer Window

Here is an interesting placement of a dormer window in a valley.

This is a very unusual design not often seen.

Thatch – Interior Design

Sometimes the interior of a thatched roof is also great to look at.

Here is the inside of a fascinating thatched church.

Thatch Advice Centre – Happy Christmas

We wish all of our Thatch Advice Centre friends, followers and their family a Very, Very Merry Christmas.

From all of us (and Tia)

Frost and Thatch

You can thatch in the rain but you can’t work on a frosted old roof as it is too brittle.

The last #Thatch Thursday of the year, thank you for all for being part of our thatch community.

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