Thatch Thursdays | August 2018

Our Thatch Thursdays August 2018 offerings.  Here are the next group of lovely Thatch Thursdays, Heritage Cob and Lime (they work with a lot of Listed thatch with cob and lime), Cross Rods and Ellingham show picture.

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Heritage Cob & Lime 

Thatch Thursday Heritage Cob & Lime

Thatch Thursday- Cross Rods

Ask an Expert


What are Cross Rods?

An Expert Says


Cross Rods are trimmed lengths of hazel used to form the lattice work on ridges

Thatch Thursday Cross Rods

Thatch Thursday Picture of the month

Thatch of the Month

#ThatchThursday #ThatchAdvice #Thatchofthemonth for August. We love beautiful #thatch pictures.

Thatch of the Month

#ThatchThursday #ThatchAdvice #Thatchofthemonth We visited Ellingham show. It was lovely to see the Thatching demonstration.

Thatch Thursday - Picture of the month 2

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