Thatch Thursdays | April 2019

Our Thatch Thursdays April 2019.  Here are this months selection of Thatch Question and Answers, Picture of the month, and Associates – Western Design Architects

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Thatch Thursdays April 2019

Ask an Expert


In Thatching.. What is a Yoke?

An Expert Says


A Yoke is…
A tool used for storing yelms as they are made and then carrying them up the ladder. Consists of two short poles hinged together at one end or a natural Y shape piece of coppice wood, both fitted with a cord at the open end for securing the load. Known elsewhere as a Thatchers Hod. 

Thatch Thursdays April 2019

Thatch of the Month

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We love a picture of daffodils and thatch.


Thatch Thursdays April 2019

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