Thatch Thursdays | May 2015

Thatch Maintenance – Patching

 Patching is done to repair holes or damaged areas and is not recommended for a roof which is past its “sell by date!”.

A patch is best done in the same material as the coatwork and is usually help in place with spars or screws. The surrounding area of old thatch  will be prone to more wear.



Total Rethatch

When a thatched roof is worn out, it needs a total re-thatch. This means that the whole roof and ridge are replaced. The roof is either stripped to timbers or to a firm foundation and then the new coat work and ridge is applied.

Eyebrow Window

An eyebrow window is a type of thatch design over a window either in the roof or at the eave of a thatch property.

As the name suggests, it looks like and eyebrow. It has a rounded appearance almost like an eyelid with soft lines and flowing contours into the roof.

Eyebrow windows are more usual in Combed Wheat Reed and Longstraw roofs.



The Thatch Directory

We are proud to announce our new bespoke Thatch Directory.

Finding specialists to help with Thatched Properties is simple, search by postcode or county. It’s easy for advertisers to advertise too – references are required.

The volume of requests for introductions to thatch specialists meant that an online Directory became our next logical step.

We can now continue promoting Thatch and have more time to help with Thatch queries, working with other interested organisations and on our regular, free Newsletter on “all things thatch”.

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