Thatch Thursday | October 2015

Thatch Fixings – Screws and Wires

These fixings allow for attaching of coat work to timbers with less stress on the wood than crooks.

The screws have wires attached which go around the liggers and are twisted to form the fixing.



Thatching Tools – Spar Hook

A spar hook is a hand tool which has a large curved blade.

 It is used to split the spar gads and them apply the point to the spar.

Thatch Maintenance – Moss and Lichen

Moss and Lichen grow on thatch, often on the sheltered side or near trees.

When a new ridge is applied, moss and lichen removal (by brushing it off and dressing the roof back up – except for longstraw) is usually a part of the maintenance process.

It may be left if the coat work is too fragile and the benefits of removal would be outweighed by the damage of the thatch.



Thatch Fire Update

Sadly, we know of two thatch fires last Friday.

One in Cheshire, and one in Wiltshire, Chimneys implicated.

Please read our free Thatch Fire Safety Leaflet.

Please sweep your chimneys and burn seasoned wood and take sensible precautions so we don’t see you as another statistic.

Thatch and Halloween

As Halloween become a bigger and better occasion, we want everyone and their thatch roods to remain safe.

Fire is your main risk – so keep pumpkin heads, candles and any other fire source well away from the thatch.

Avoid sky lanterns and keep fancy dress well away from fire sources.

Eat lots of treats and have fun!!


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