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We have all been saddened by the recent spate of thatch fires but it has prompted us to write this article and add a page on the website about how to help the Fire Service.

It is not enough to rely on others to help you. Understand your property, the fire risks it has, address them and keep up to date with any new information which can help. This is where we come in at the Thatch Advice Centre. Our knowledge, contacts and associates give us access to information to help you and the hard-working Fire Service. This in turn may well help you with your insurance too.

Our new page is written with emphasis on collating the correct thatch fire safety information so that you have information on the major causes, how you can improve the fire safety in your thatched property (Fire safety leaflet, specialist risk reduction solutions, systems and alarms, and general fire safety in the home information) and finally planning in case of a fire.

Understanding and acting on all of these things will not only help reduce the risk of you having a thatch fire, which assists the fire service, but there are useful things to be aware of should you need to call the Fire Service. Anything which enables the Fire Service attend more quickly and get the information they need promptly is to be encouraged.

The information on our website is not static, it will always be work in progress so that we can help our thatch visitors with up to date useful information. Helping the Fire Service is important, remember to join us on Facebook and Twitter for even more timely information on thatch and the world of thatching.

Please share our #TestitTuesday posts as regular checks that your fire and CO alarms are working is a simple and effective way to start the process of helping our Fire Service Personnel. Sharing the important and useful information is a vital way to improve Fire Safety for everyone.

So read our Thatch and How to help the Fire Service information. Just one thing could make a big difference.

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