Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps On-Line Event

The Thatch Advice Centre have had a busy, “stuck in the office” but enjoyable sort of year.  Imagine how pleased we were to be told that the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps annual event was happening.  Going ahead a bit differently than usual though – On-line – on Saturday 24th July 2021 and we were invited. Exciting indeed.  We were pleased but a little nervous as we had not done a Webinar before.  New skills to learn.  We accepted the offer of contributing with a 45 minute slot.   The idea, which made the most sense to us, was to do a Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar.

Our knowledge, and experience of the up to date fire investigations and research, coupled with the amount of calls and emails we have dealt with on this subject, made it a perfect choice.

Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar - great cottage

Planning the Webinar

Unravelling the confusion of Building Regulations, insurance requirements, new fire safety advice in relation to the reasons for and the actual issues was not as simple as it sounded.  The webinar was planned and then re-planned and re-planned again in order to explain things as clearly and simply as possible.

There is a lot of useful content, planned to be like a story which starts with information and problems, then ends with solutions and options.  It unfolds with explanations along the way and, at the end, there are some great questions too.   We also had to find all those helpful pictures to use and want to thank everyone who contributed.

Sadly, the up to date information is still not fully embraced/understood by everyone.  This has therefore caused, in our opinion, additional unnecessary situations and issues.  These, and other chimney issues, are often in the case of Listed Buildings.  So these areas were definitely getting mentioned too.

Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar - Izworth thatch fire July 2021

The Webinars were recorded

So when we were told that all the webinars were going to be recorded as well, we knew we had to make the best use of this great opportunity.  It was important to work really hard to clearly include useful and relevant information, dealing with the issues, on which we are often contacted.

The more people who understand and share our information, the better.  Not only for everyone’s ability to deal with their fire safety and chimney issues but also to save us time.  Time, that precious commodity.  Helping for free takes a lot of time and effort, so anything which assists us is truly appreciated.  There is always so much going on in our world of thatch, so faster and alternative ways to communicate are great.

Having it recorded means that it can be reviewed and replayed as required.  This is helpful for those who missed the event.  Please note – It is also copyrighted.

Remember, our agenda was to tell a story in logical order, so don’t skip bits and then wonder what we mean when you have missed some important information!

Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar - GOMCS Seminars list

Other benefits

If, by listening to this Webinar, someone learns something which changes what they do with their thatched property for the better, then we will be very pleased and happy indeed.  It may reduce the fire risk in a thatched property, minimise any concerns, help with insurance or save them money.  That is our aim.

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps have the webinar information on their site.  They have also said it will be very useful as part of their training information for sweeps.

Knowledge gives everyone power to deal with situations.

We spend a lot of our freely given time helping people understand their options with regard to chimney issues and solid fuel burning.  It is rewarding to help people and speak to them face to face but, in these interesting times, the opportunity to put this in a webinar and explain to more people, from the comfort of their homes, is hugely appreciated.

The recording has allowed us to put this on our website for everyone to watch and revisit as necessary.

Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar - rebuilt and repointed chimney

Our place in the event.

The Guild usually have a big live event with trade stands, conferences and talks etc. which we have attended and enjoyed before.  They managed to achieve something different this year but similarly wonderful On-Line.  The information, with our contribution and a whole lot more, is available on their website but here is a quick summary of their excellent day.

Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar - GOMCS list of events

And Finally

It has been our aim to spread the thatch fire safety message far and wide and dealing with chimney issues along the way is part of it and a bonus.  The fact that this Thatch, Fire Safety and Chimney Issues Webinar was not a one off and the recording is now available is wonderful.

Our thanks to the Guild for giving us this great opportunity to work with them on this important topic.  We are looking forward to being back in person next year.  We understand the live venue is already booked.

So if you have a thatched property with a working chimney with either a woodburner or open fire,  Please

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