Thatch Fire Prevention Article for Conservation & Heritage Journal

Following on from our last successful article, the Conservation and Heritage Journal have been asked for another.  This time they were planning a section on Fire Prevention and wanted our help with a Thatch Fire Prevention article.

The Conservation and Heritage Journal – other Fire Prevention Articles

We were obviously pleased to supply them with this Thatch Fire Prevention article for their Journal, published on 7th August 2019.

Also featuring in this edition are:-

  • The Fire Protection Association
  • Rowland & Hames Insurance Brokers
  • Geofire

Read our Thatch Fire Prevention Article

Thatch Fire Prevention Article

About the Conservation & Heritage Journal

“The Conservation & Heritage Journal is distributed on a controlled circulation and subscription basis quarterly to key decision makers in organisations in the world of Conservation, Heritage and Ecclesiastical matters.”

As such, they say “Conservation & Heritage Journal keeps abreast of what’s happening in this important sector of our culture with the latest news and a wide range of informative features written by well-respected individuals and organisations in their specialized field of expertise.”

The Thatch Advice is pleased to be able to pass on important fire safety information, as obviously thatch fire prevention is far more preferable than the alternative; thatch being notoriously hard to extinguish!

“Established in 2013, the journal has a growing readership of over 22,000, to a highly targeted audience.  It is an A4 perfect bound full colour journal published quarterly, which makes it a unique vehicle to advertise specialist skills, products and services so essential to this sector. “

We are so pleased to be able to use this to promote the up to date Thatch Fire Safety message, before the next burning season.

The intended audience for our Thatch Fire Prevention Article

The Conservation and Heritage Journal have confirmed the readership of the publication covers many who will have an interest in the valuable information we are promoting in the article.

Their readership includes:

  • “Historic England
  • The National Trust
  • The Landmark Trust
  • Historic Scotland, National Trust of Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland
  • Cadw
  • Cathedrals
  • The Churches Conservation Trust and National Churches Trust
  • Historic Royal Palaces Trust
  • Local Authority Heritage Planners
  • Specialist Conservation and Restoration Contractors
  • Architects, Landscape Architects, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors whose specialisms are Heritage, Conservation and Ecclesiastical projects
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and Structural Engineers
  • Ecologists & Archaeologists
  • Museums, Galleries and Heritage Centres
  • Trade Associations related to the Heritage/Conservation Sector
  • Private Individuals and Listed Property Owners”

Promoting Thatch Fire Prevention 

We feel it is so important to reach out to a wide audience in many ways.  The journal has given us another avenue to help educate and inform people of the most up to date thatch fire prevention advice.

It is especially useful to get this information out there before the next burning season.

Please, read the article, share it with friends, family, acquaintances and anyone you know who has a thatched roof.  The thatch fire prevention message is an extremely important one.

Thatch Fire Prevention Article

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