Thatch Fire Event

Thatch Fire Event – 13th November in Exeter

We are pleased to be able to let people know about the first Thatch Fire Event being held at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters on Tuesday 13th November 2018.  Entitled “Reducing risk of fire in thatched buildings: Recent Research and New Guidance.  It is a free event but places are limited so registration is required, see below for booking form and where to send it.

Progress in understanding the causes of thatch fires and therefore how to reduce the risks is definitely being made.  This event, the first one, is the start of some excellent progress being made in promoting the great information on the recent research in order to help people at the start of the next burning season.

Organised by Historic England, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation South West Branch and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service this event is promoting the excellent 3 year programme of research carried out by the Fire Protection Association to investigate the causes of fires in thatched buildings fitted with a woodburning stove.

These results challenged previous theories and, we feel very strongly, have made the new guidance very important in the fight against thatch fires.

Obvious advice will be not to have a woodburner but in the real world it is important that people understand, assess and reduce the risks as part of continuing to use them as a method of heating their homes.  As mentioned many times, it is also important to check insurance cover.  There are many people with thatch and who have been using woodburners sucessfully and the more we understand of the risks the better position we are to reduce them.





Thatch Fire Event Aims

The Thatch Fire Event information states that it is aimed primarily at conservation officers, building conservation professionals, thatchers, thatched property owners, fire fighters and installers of woodburning stoves.  We believe this event will be useful to anyone with an interest in thatched properties, chimneys, woodburners and fire safety.

Thatch Fire Event Sessions

The Thatch Fire Event is an all day event from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.  The sessions cover insurers and heritage perspectives on this important topic of reducing the thatch fire risk.  Jim Glocking from the FPA explains the research programme, results and guidance.  There are also sessions on fire risk reduction, fire safety advice, fighting thatch fires and dealing with the aftermath of a thatch fire culminating in a demonstration of fighting thatch fires.

Thatch Fire Event Booking

To book this Thatch Fire Event

Thatch Fire Event – Why it is important

This Thatch Fire Event is so important because it is explaining the important research with emphasis on reducing the risk of fire in thatched buildings.  This followed the Forensic investigation into the causes of thatch fires which had identified the major risk being ejected embers and chimney fires.

Spreading this important information at such an event will be the start of further progress into moving on from old information to new proven research.   We feel that educating people and working together is vital in promoting the up to date thatch fire safety message.  Well done everyone involved.

Lets hope this event is the first of many.  See you there.

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