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Butser Ancient Farm | Thatch Advice Centre

We love making ‘thatch’ friends, especially those who can share their fascinating buildings with others.

The lovely Butser Ancient Farm are one of those who we have met via social media and their work as an outdoor education centre definitely includes thatch. We asked them to send us some information and here is what they had to say:

” Butser Ancient Farm is an archaeological research laboratory and outdoor education centre, focusing on life in the Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon periods. The farm is home to several buildings based on archaeological evidence, and have been rebuilt on site using experience and knowledge of prehistoric lifestyles and building techniques.
The majority of the buildings at Butser are built using thatched roofs – except for the Roman villa which uses tiles (technology brought over by the Romans). Thatch was the material of choice from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age, and for the Anglo-Saxon settlers too. This may be because it was a fantastic by-product available after cereals were harvested from the crop fields, and prehistoric people were very reluctant to waste any materials they obtained.”

They have also have kindly sent us some pictures of their marvellous buildings.

Our Saxon House

house based on archaeological evidence of a settlement in Chalton, Hampshire.

C - Oaken Hall

The Little Woodbury and Danebury Roundhouses on a stormy day.

C - roundhouse clouds

Our Stone Age ancillary building.

C - Ancillary Building - C

The Llandygai House

Neolithic building based on excavations from Bangor, north Wales.

C - Llandygai - C

Whilst in the process of writing this Blog, Jess our newest Thatch Advice Centre team member mentioned that her son had just visited Butser!, here are some of their shots!

Stone Age

Iron Age

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