Thatch Advice Centre interview on the BBC local Radio

Our interview on the Mark Forrest Radio Show

We were very pleased to be contacted by the producer of The Mark Forrest Show, which goes out to all the BBC local Radio Stations across England and the Channel Islands. Mark Forrest interviewed the Thatch Advice Centre founder Karen Crouch, on 9th September, and asked some great questions about Thatch.

The emphasis was on Thatch Fire Safety as the previous interview was from Mr Rennie whose thatched home in Codford, Wiltshire, was being rebuilt after a fire.

Topics discussed:

  • Thatch advice (most asked for and most given)
  • Fire Protection
  • Causes of thatch Fire
  • Sweeping chimneys
  • Magma Firestop Fire retardant spray
  • Changing roofing materials and Building Regulations
  • The benefits of living under thatch
  • Changes in the thatching process
  • Thatch insurance
  • Reducing the thatch fire risk and insurance premiums.


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