Purchasing Thatch Properties on the increase?

Is there a rise in people purchasing thatch?

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The Thatch Advice Centre have received a larger than usual amount of enquiries from people purchasing thatch properties or about to start the purchasing process.   Firstly, it is great to see that the property market is apparently doing so well when it comes to thatch and secondly the type of questions we are being asked can be very interesting.

Many of the questions are asked are after the purchasers have read our ‘Buying a Thatched Property’ page on the website.  Regularly people contact us with very specific questions.  There is a lot of variance in thatch, especially in the older listed properties.  Our network of friends and Associates really come into their own when we have a tricky queries from a person who is looking seriously at purchasing a thatched building.  It may be a new build or even an old barn for conversion or one they want to extend.  The variety of interesting potential is fascinating.  There may not be a rise in the number of purchasers but we are definitely getting more enquires than ever before.

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The questions from those people purchasing thatch

Very few thatched properties are identical, many are similar but generally most are individual and often unique. That is surely one of the great appeals when purchasers are looking at thatched properties and what will drive the need to ask us a particular question.

We mentioned before our useful page, Buying Thatch, which includes advice on what to look for and ask when considering purchasing thatched properties.  We also felt it would be helpful to share some of the more regular questions we get.

  • Which thatching material is on the roof?
  • What is the difference between Combed Wheat Reed and Triticale?
  • Please can you help with an indicative cost for a rethatch?
  • How do we plan for maintaining the thatch roof?
  • Where can I find a Building Surveyor?
  • I am looking for a reliable and competent Master Thatcher?
  • There are bits sticking out of the ridge what does that mean?
  • The thatched roof at the back is covered in moss, is that bad?
  • How warm is thatch in Winter and how cool in Summer?
  • I am worried about the cost of insurance?
  • The insurance company asked what fire protection is on the property – can you help?
  • It is Grade II listed, what are the implications?
  • I want to use the chimneys – where do I start?
  • How can we understand and reduce our concerns over the fire risks?
  • Why is there only wire on the ridge?
  • What can be done about the trees overhanging the thatch?
  • Can we get a grant for thatching the cottage?


Happy to help if you are thinking of purchasing thatched property

These are just a sample of the type and variety of questions which arise when we are speaking to people purchasing thatched cottages.

Our growing number of Thatch Directory Associates help us in dealing with a lot of these queries eg insurance or chimney specialists as do many of our other contacts eg Historic England, Councils and Master Thatchers.  We thank everyone who assists in this process as there are too many to mention.

A recent question from someone who was a prospective purchaser of a thatched property was one of the few that we did not feel like assisting.  How easy is it to change a roof from thatch to tiles?   The urge to say “buy a different cottage” was great …… but we resisted and explained.  Fortunately, in this case, we managed to understand why they wanted to ask that question in the first place, change their needs and allay their fears and plans to change the roofing material so drastically!

Please remember, If you or a friend, are looking to sell, buy, maintain or extend your thatch, we are always happy to help.

Purchasing Thatch

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