Listed Heritage Magazine Issue 129 March-April 2020

Listed Heritage Magazine request

The Listed Heritage Magazine called to ask us to write another article for them.  Their Issue 129 March/April 2020 had a section on roofing.  As the majority of thatched properties are listed, they asked us if we could contribute.

We were happy to help.

Listed Heritage Magazine Issue 129 Thatch Advice Centre thatching pic for front page

Our article in the Listed Heritage Magazine

Our two page spread started with information on differing building construction.  We then gave some information on the main thatching materials used on our thatched properties, along with longevity and factors affecting the lifespan of a thatched roof.

Master Thatchers, the thatching trade as well as getting quotes for thatching works was discussed, along with information on maintenance of thatched properties and listed building consent.

Never missing an opportunity, thatch and fire safety was touched upon.  We then concluded with a section reminding people how thatch has stood the test of time.  It is also a sustainable and naturally insulating material, as well as being an amazing looking roof.

Finally, we explained the pride in our listed thatch heritage which is a continued asset to this country, long may it continue.

Listed Heritage Magazine issue 129 - contents thatching

Contents – Thatched Roofs


Listed Heritage Magazine Issue 129 page 1 thatching

Thatched Roofs Page 1

Listed Heritage Magazine Issue 129 page 2 thatching

Thatched Roofs Page 2


A great relationship with the LPOC Listed Heritage Magazine

Many thanks to the Listed Heritage Magazine for thinking of us again.  Great to be working together and another wonderful opportunity to showcase the variety of listed thatch and explain more about it to their readers.  We will keep you informed of LPOC relevant topics to our thatch property owners too.

Listed Heritage Magazine Issue 129 picture for article from Thatch Advice Centre

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