Historic England Emergency Fund launched

We have been again been contacted by Historic England regarding the launch of the Historic England Emergency Fund ,as they felt we and our thatching community may be interested.

You may remember that Thatch Advice Centre were recently qsked to promote their survey which was aimed at understanding the impact of the Coronavirus on the businesses and skills that underpin the heritage sectory.  We were happy to do this via our website and social media platforms.  And we are happy to do so again as this may be very useful to our thatch community.

Letting you know about Historic Englands Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund

Why the Historic England Emergency fund?

In response to the recent survey on Covid-19 results, Historic England have set up an emergency fund.

This is to be a safety net to small heritage organisations at this difficult time.  Grants are available to assist organisations, voluntary groups and self-employed contractors survive the current situation caused by Covid-19 and to “prepare for recovery”.

The results of the Historic England Survey are published on the Historic England website.

Historic England Survey - Logo

Emergency Fund applications

Grants of up to £25K are there to help with financial difficulties arising from the lockdown situation.

Grants of up to £50K are there for projects and activities which lesson the heritage risks by providing “information resources and skills”.

Emergency Fund Deadline

Midnight Sunday 3rd May 2020 is the deadline for applications for these grants, which will be awarded to successful applicants from Mid-May.

More information on the Emergency Fund is available on the Historic England Website, should you wish to find out more, apply for funding or have any questions.

Hoping this gives some positivity in these difficult times.   All feedback is useful to us, so we look forward to hearing from you.

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