Devastating thatch fire in row of thatched cottages in Wiltshire

On 26th October, a row of thatched cottages in Codford, Wiltshire, caught fire.   Around 70 firefighters spent much of the night dealing with the fire in the High Street. Two thatched properties were alight but the fire crews managed to save the third adjoining property. It is believed that the fire started in the chimney. This is another sad day for thatch, but the more we know of the causes the better equipped we are to understand and reduce the risks.

Although there is no detailed cause, it is a strong reminder about looking after the chimney eg sweeping regularly and burning correct fuel to reduce chances of a chimney fire and potential ejected embers going onto the thatch. Read the Burgoynes report on the causes of 103 recent thatched fires for more information which may be of assistance.


Picture credit ITV news.

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