Chimney Safety Group and Thatch

Chimney Safety Group

Our work with the chimney sweeps means we are also in contact with many of the associated organisations from HETAS to installers, those supplying woodburners, DEFRA and now the new Chimney Safety Group.

Recent emphasis on wood that is burnt and its moisture content e.g. from Woodsure is useful.  We must remember, however that it is not the only thing which increases risks of chimney fires and pollution.

Chimney Safety Group

Who is the Chimney Safety Group

A new Chimney Safety Group has also been formed including GOMCS, APICS, NACS and HETAS to promote and offer solutions to chimney related problems in the UK and influence legislation, organisations, government departments, and standards committees.

The Thatch Advice Centre knows a lot about the problems with thatch and chimneys, so are very pleased to hear about this initiative.  Their ‘core aim of reducing pollution and chimney related accidents’ are welcomed.  Progress indeed. We are very excited that there will be a group which hopefully can champion our situation.

Our Advice alongside the Chimney Safety Group

An efficient chimney, correct lighting, burning, operation and design of stoves also plays an important part.  Wet wood won’t burn, damp wood burns incorrectly and inefficiently.  A badly maintained woodburner or flue, or running the stove inappropriately not only increases the risk of fire but pollutants getting into the air.  So it must be avoided on both counts:-

  • To reduce the fire risk
  • As part of the governments forthcoming Clean Air Strategy

People will use wood and stoves to heat their homes and so we endeavour to help people and keep them safe with every bit of relevant, useful information as part of that process.

Please remember to read our updated Thatch Fire Safety Leaflet

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Chimney Safety Group and Burnright

There is a very informative video from the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps on running a wood burning stove which is worth watching.  Please remember that excessive venting on stoves in thatched properties is to be avoided so a sensible balance is required.

Watch the video and find more relevant information on the Burnright website.

Thatch and the Chimney Safety Group

It is well known that thatched property owners currently struggle with the listed property, chimney height, woodburner installation, small chimney and insurance cover problems so we look forward to progess being made with the Chimney Safety Group.  #workingtogether.

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