Can you help Butser Ancient Farm?

Help Butser with their Crowdfunding Campaign

Butser Ancient Farm - Horton House thatch

Horton House

Due to problems caused by Covid 19, we are pleased to be able to help Butser Ancient Farm by promoting their Crowdfunding Campaign.  Butser is a not for profit Community Interest Company with a fantastic, interesting and informative site.

Their campaign is to help them adapt and continue to survive during these difficult times.  We sincerely hope some of our readers,with mutual interests, will become their Ambassadors.

What does Buster Do now?

Butser Ancient Farm - Horton House Build

Horton House Build – Thatching and Planking

Butser is an experimental archaeology and educational site in the South Downs.  It has a wonderful timeline of ancient buildings, from the Stone Age to Saxon periods.  In normal  years they offer education to groups and visitors who want to understand and explore the past.  There are some great examples of structures including, of course, many thatched buildings.

They also use “experimental archaeology” to delve into the ways things were done in the past by re-construction today.  From school children to families, archaeologists to academics, they work with many people.  Butser even grow “pre-history crops” and keep rare breed animals which add to the feel of the site.  A special place indeed.

Help Butser Ancient Farm go Online

Butser Ancient Farm Horton House build week 5

Horton House Build, Week 5 thatching and planking

This independent organisation and heritage site near Petersfield in Hampshire is hoping to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2022.  Sadly, due to the pandemic, they have had an 80% drop in income over the last year.

Butser Ancient Farm are forward thinking and want to raise funds to bring their site to an online audience and show progress of their on-going work.  Their plan is to find 100 Ambassadors (minimum £100 donation) to fund the creation of an online membership platform.  The platform is to be called the Online Patronage scheme.  This scheme will showcase their work to an online audience.  We all know how important being able to communicate via the internet has been over the last year.

Buster Ancient Farm will be bringing in the new to help promote the great work they do in understanding and appreciating the old.

Butser Crowdfunding Campaign

Thatch Advice Centre Butser Ancient Farm - rethatching works

Moel-y-Gerddi-rethatch at Butser Ancient Farm

To help Buster Ancient farm the Crowdfunding Campaign will run until 18th February.  Would you like to find out more about becoming and Ambassador?

As an ambassador there will be certain benefits, including the opportunity to be named in recognition of your contribution and access to the online patronage scheme for 6 months.

Butser’s Online Patronage Scheme

We asked Buster what the on-line Patronage Scheme will do.  Here’s what they said:-

“The online platform will feature professionally shot video content, giving a behind-the-scenes insight in to the many projects and ancient skills practised at Butser.  Supporters will pay a small monthly donation to access the online platform and, in so doing, will also contribute to the survival of this unique heritage site.”

Please help Butser Ancient Farm

As a free online resource, our funds are limited but our passion for “All Things Thatch” is well known.  Butser Ancient Farm has many thatched buildings which help to showcase this valuable, versatile and sustainable roofing material.  Thatch has stood the test of time and Butser help to show its past with real buildings.

The Thatch Advice Centre are proud to support this great initiative by notifying their friends, followers and subscribers as well as increasing awareness of Butser’s important  Crowdfunding Campaign.  Butser needs to develop online so they can preserve and expand their offering to the community and raise funds in a different way.  This is a great idea to help them survive.  We need them to keep going until we can actually visit their fascinating site again, in person.

More about becoming an Ambassador.



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