Bat Awareness

Ecobuild visitors to the stand included Joanna from the Bat Conservation Trust.

Our interesting conversation culminated in our offer to help spread the word about bats, buildings and the law, because after all thatched properties are buildings

We have uploaded their excellent information and contact details to the website.

If you encounter any bats in or around your thatched property, make sure you have read this up to date information so that you know about the legislation affecting them.

An important point mentioned is that ‘having bats in the roof does not necessarily preclude work on the thatched roof from being done’.  It is a case of being aware if you have bats and who to contact should you need to do so.

Did you know that there are 17 different species of bats in the UK?  Their significant decline is the reason for both domestic and international legislation.

Please take a moment to read their advice note on what to do if you find bats in a thatched roof as a bat related offence fine is £5,000 and if more than one bat is involved is potentially £5,000 per bat.

Brown long-eared bats

So if you find bats in your roof, leave well alone and contact the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Helpline for advice on 0345 1300 228.

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