Conservation of Traditional Thatch Group (CoTTG)

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The Conservation of Traditional Thatch Group, also referred to as CoTTG, has been formed from UK based thatchers and conservation officers.

Initially formed as the Conservation of Historic Thatch (CoHT), it changed its name in 2012 to reflect their wider range of concerns.  Their mission has been to work together to conserve historical thatched buildings.

Originally concerned purely with this topic, they now also seek to promote traditional techniques and materials within the current thatching trade.

Conservation of Traditional Thatch Group – membership and aims

The members from around the country and a variety of professions meet twice a year.  Their aims include identifying buildings with historic thatch, sharing knowledge on conserving traditional thatch, promoting “traditional and regional thatching materials and techniques” and encouraging “indigenous production of appropriate thatching materials”.

Conservation of Traditional Thatch Group – research

With funding from outside sources, the group also undertakes research into the “performance of traditional thatching materials and techniques”