Working with Chimney Sweeps for the good of Thatch

Well we have been spreading the updated Thatch Fire Safety message to a lot of important people recently via some great Chimney Sweeps.

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

It all started with social media and becoming friends with the very friendly and well organised Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.  Once they realised what we were doing, we were invited to talk on Thatch Fire Safety at their Seminar in Oxford, in March.  Interesting involvement and feedback, as ever more things to think about and information to absorb and disseminate, but a really worthwhile use of our time.

We met a lot of ‘Chimney’ associated businesses at this event, from insurance to cowls, brushes to CCTV.  All wonderfully relevant in spreading our Thatch Fire Safety information.  You know us, we talk to everyone for the good of thatch, and it is working well.

National Association of Chimney Sweeps

NACS was the next group who requested a talk for their AGM, in April.  Off we went to Stratford Upon Avon and gave our talk.  It was a slightly different set up at their event and, as we were set up by the entrance and the tea and coffee we had a good stream of visitors to chat to, along with giving our talk which was well received and we met some old and new faces!

Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps

A trip to Gloucester to the very welcoming APICS AGM, in June.  Another lovely venue with a separate room for the talk – we went on after DEFRA!.  Our allocated time of 1 hour was initially a bit daunting but, due to excellent and lively discussion the time flew and it was great to be so well understood and engaged with again.


The result of this whole thing is that working with the Chimney Sweeps and associated trades to spread the Thatch Fire Safety message is the best decision. Not only that we had some fabulous lunches, thank you! We don’t have a budget for this type of work…. Yet….. but we do have a passion and now an even bigger following of specialists who not only listened but see the value in spreading the news that the major proven cause of thatch fires is ejected ember and chimney fires.    Chimney sweeps services (sweeping chimneys and more!) can make a big difference to thatch fire safety and property owners peace of mind (and insurance cover!).


Thank you to everyone who has listened to our talks, helped organise the events and is sharing the important updated Thatch Fire Safety message, ready for the next burning season. It has been brilliant and we will keep you posted with updates as promised via email, website and social media.

Anyone else wanting this talk, please get in touch whoever you are! And join us on the Thatch Directory #workingtogether

If our advice can help save thatch properties from catching fire in the first place (they are notoriously difficult to put out when the do!) then we will have achieved our aim.  So much of it is common sense and by working together and sharing knowledge and expertise we can go much further than working alone.

Thatch Advice Centre Fire Safety Leaflet