Thatch Conservation Grant Scheme in Ireland

Grant Scheme for Historic Thatch

How wonderful it is to see the Heritage Council offering a Thatch Conservation Grant Scheme to assist in the upkeep of historic thatch in Ireland.

The aim of this scheme is to conserve historic thatched roofs to make sure that the buildings are usable and remain part of the cultural landscape of Ireland.

Funding is available for 75% of total project expenditure to a maximum of 10,000 Euros and before any offer is made the building will be inspected. The purpose of the building is relevant and passing on skills is also an important part. Obviously there are criteria to be met so have read of the information guide.

It is an online application system which will be open on March 1st 2017 and all applications must be received (including supporting documents) by 5pm 24th March 2017.

Good luck to all applicants and well done to the Heritage Council from the Thatch Advice Centre.

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